The Best Valentine’s Day Present For Your Special Vaper

Jan 25, 2023by Julianne Bautista

The Best Valentine's Day Present for Your Special Vaper with person blowing vape cloud in shape of a heart

Valentine’s Day is on its way, and we want you to celebrate it with us! Exxus offers various vaporizers, batteries, and replacement parts to complete your special someone’s vape sessions. We supply convenient devices with advanced features that deliver remarkable vapor production. Here are a few products that your other half will love:

Exxus VRS in man's hands with pipe

New Vaporizer

A brand-new, clean device is always an excellent choice for a special someone who vapes often! Vaporizers like the Exxus Mini Plus and the VRS 3-in-1 are perfect for a loved one who enjoys having versatile sessions. These vaporizers feature flexible modes for using different materials, like concentrates and dry herbs.

Exxus VRS is the epitome of versatility! This device features three modes: Oil Cartridge Use (510-thread), Nectar Collector Use, and Dab Rig Use. The VRS also has a bonus added mode that allows you to connect the device to a water pipe while also attached to a cartridge. Give your partner the ability to enjoy their vape sessions in many ways.

Exxus Push laying in bed of flowers

Portable Batteries

If you have a sugarplum who is always on the go, consider getting them portable oil cartridge batteries for Valentine’s Day! Think of getting them batteries like the Exxus Push, Snap VV, Twistr, or the MiNovo—devices that can give them complete temperature control and fast preheat functionality. Our batteries are all designed for 510-threaded cartridges and are made from premium quality materials.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Don’t forget to pick up replacement parts or any accessories that could emphasize his/her/their sessions. We have durable chambers, atomizers, adapters, tips, and more!


Every day is celebrated with love, so enjoy your Valentine’s Day with a delicious dinner, cozy cuddles, and the smoothest clouds! Make sure to visit our website,, to check out other devices we offer.