Everything You Need To Know About Temperature Control

Mar 20, 2023by Julianne Bautista

Everything You Need to Know About Temperature Control with vape tanks resting on a white tableEvery vape session is different depending on the device you have. Many modern vaporizers feature temperature control settings to help your sessions progress and perform better. Temperature control can benefit your sessions in many ways, such as saving coil and battery life, avoiding dry hits, and remaining consistency. A vaporizer with a temperature setting offers better performance to your sessions and serves safety measures, as it extends your device’s lifespan.

There is a significant temperature limit for vaporizers; usually, its setting ranges from 300°F and 600°F (100°C and 315°C). The power that utilizes the coil adjusts automatically at the selected level of your desired heat.

How Does Temperature Control Save My Sessions?

Temperature control allows you to be in charge of your own smoke sesh. A beneficial factor is saving the materials. If you want your concentrate or oil materials to last longer, you could choose a lower setting. However, if you want to achieve a session with big, luscious clouds, you could easily turn up the temperature to your comfortable setting.

Temperature control also helps you avoid dry, terrible hits by keeping the coil from becoming too blistering hot and ruining the cotton. Having the ability to control your heat levels helps you attain a pleasurable puff. In addition, temperature control can last much longer than a standard-power mode device.

What Is The Best Temperature?

The ideal vape temperature depends on how you want your sessions to be. For example, if you are dabbing, temperatures are recommended to be set between 315°F to 900°F. With wax concentrates, they are thicker, which means that they need a higher temperature to fully melt.


Adjusting your temperature’s voltages saves you all the hassle! With the charge of your overall usage, temperature control allows you to gain power. Consider purchasing vaporizers with broad temperature ranges, and check out our devices at ExxusVape.com!